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Daniel's Rama Ct Diary
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  • January 17, 2015
    • General
      I installed an Ooma Telo in my office, and connected it to one of my Polycom desk phones. I activated it and It works well. This isn't the intended permanent location. I will eventually put the Ooma Telo in the kitchen and connect it there. I need to disconnect phone wiring to the outside world, and it's non-trivial to do from the basement because the wiring is a complete mess. It looks like the previous owners had 4 separate phone lines from the telco. It also appears that those lines and the alarm system were not installed when the house was built. There's a spaghetti mess of cut and crimped wires in the alarm enclosure in the basement, and I don't see a 66 block anywhere. Nothing appears to be labelled.

      Since my Ooma Telo is behind my firewall, I only connected its "WAN" port and reconfigured it to allow access to its web interface on that port.