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Detailing Routine

In total, my exterior detailing routine is spread out across two to three days. Obviously I don't do a full detail very often; two or three times a year is typical. Between the full detailings, I do wash the car fairly frequently, and use spritz to help maintain the paint protection and keep the surface slippery.

This year (2012), I'm hoping to move to only doing a full body detail once a year, and just being more vigilant about the upkeep. With today's products, it's possible to keep my paint in great shape without polishing and waxing more than once a year on a fair-weather-only car. If using a good quality polymer sealant, I can keep the paint in very good shape with with a hose-free wash product, detailing spray and a compatible spritz sealant. There will obviously always be the cases where I need to touch up a spot with clay and polish (nasty bird dropping, lump of hot road tar, whatever). Just to give a product combo example, if I've sealed with Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0, I can maintain the paint for a season with:

  • Griot's Spray-On Car Wash or Chemical Guys' Hose Free ECOwash
  • Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant

I don't consider these things time-savers; the time spent on each wipe down is much shorter than a full detail, but I need to do it a lot more frequently. So in a year, I'll have spent as much or more time keeping the car clean. And I'll spend more on microfiber towels to avoid constant laundering. But my car will be clean a lot more often and I'll have less long-term damage to the paint.

It's worth noting that my car is not a concourse queen. It gets driven. Life is short, I'm going to drive any car I can!

Exterior Routine

Exterior Occasional

Interior Routine

In a convertible, dust in the interior is a persistent problem.

Interior Occasional

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Wish List

I can get the following from The Dynabrade 58436 toggles between a rotary sander and a 3/16" orbit random orbital.