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Last Modified Oct 28, 2014

Daniel W. McRobb ()

Unless you're an egomaniac, there's little more uncomfortable than writing something about yourself for a web site you maintain in your spare time. I'll do it anyway, for those in need of a cure for insomnia...

My Resume

My Passions

The subtitle of this site (design, engineering, craftsmanship) almost says it all. I live to create and modify 'things', from software to electronics to furniture to automobiles to homes. I appreciate craftsmanship in all forms. I appreciate thoughtful design, as well as rigorous engineering. I also appreciate ingenuity, handiwork... any job well done with the tools available.

I do have some specific passions, though I'm sure I'd have more if there were more hours in the day...

  • Software Development
    I thoroughly enjoy software development. It's not just primary source of income; it's my primary hobby.

  • Automobiles
    Like many metro Detroiters of my generation and past, I've a passion for automobiles. My appreciation here is quite broad, but I'll freely admit to having a soft spot for roadsters, 2-seater coupes, and the broad 'sportscar' category.

  • Tools
    I enjoy good tools. Knitting needles, software compilers, screwdrivers, ratchets, sledgehammers, power tools, food processors, clothing irons... I can't name one I don't appreciate.

Web Site Motivation

The number one reason for rfdm.com: I enjoy sharing my passions with others that share the same passions.

Not far behind... I'm a software developer. 2011 marked my 20th year writing software for a living, and I continue to thoroughly enjoy it. This site lets me dabble in php, javascript, HTML, and of course C++ (my own site indexing code, the back and front ends for the Site Traffic and Site Health

pages, CGI, etc.). By day I write in C and assembly for embedded devices in automobiles, but most of my career has been spent writing software for FreeBSD, Linux, AIX, Solaris, OpenBSD, etc. I continue to write reasonable amounts of code in C++ for FreeBSD, which I've been doing since 1998. Of course I also write software for OS X, since it's my preferred desktop and laptop operating system.