M Roadster Transmission shift pins
Last Modified by dwm on July 22, 2007
In the summer of 2006, I started having trouble shifting into 1st and 2nd gear. The problem was initially aggravated by heat (warm ambient temperature combined with a long drive cycle), but later started rearing its head at random times irrespective of transmission temperature.

A catch pin issue was addressed in service bulletin 23 01 02 (881), using the catch pin replacement instructions from the TIS.

There was a related service bulletin 23 01 04 (063) for a symptom I've seen reported on other M roadsters: gear shift lever does not return to center. I decided to address that issue using the locking pin bushing replacement instructions from the TIS while fixing the catch pin issue, since I'd have the transmission out. Too bad it wasn't time for a new clutch.

The Catch Pin Problem

Replacing the catch pins

Replacing the 5th and reverse locking pin bushings