Sport Mode
Last Modified May 7, 2011

Sport Mode Mini Module

The objective here was to add Sport mode to my car, and add a tiny bit of smarts for DSC (remember the last setting across restarts, make it easier to get to "all the way off" mode for driving events).

The Sport mode modification requires the addition of pin 15 in connector X60004. When a momentary ground is applied to this pin, Sport Mode is toggled. We also add pin 8 in connector X17 in the instrument cluster to light the cluster lamp. This wants 12V to light the cluster lamp.

I designed a small microcontroller-based module to interface to the DSC unit and the DME (for Sport mode). I named it 'Sport Mode Mini Module' because it was the smallest of the designs I developed. It talks to the DSC unit for DSC, and the DME for Sport mode. It interfaces with the DSC button and an Apem IP LED-illuminated pushbutton (for Sport mode).

Below is a picture of two modules, each fitted into the bottom of their cases.

Status as of January 2, 2003

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Sport Mode Mini Module