M Roadster Suspension
Last Modified Mar 11, 2012
Rear subframe bushing replacement.
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In April of 2004, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet on new suspension. I had been researching for a long while, and a group buy came up on bimmerforums for the KW coilovers. I was looking to buy the KW V3, so this was a perfect opportunity.

I should note up front that while I drive my roadster regularly in the summer, it's not exactly a daily commuter. It's also very rare for me to have a passenger. The roadster is my 'fun' car. My point being that if it was my dailyy driver, it's unlikely I'd run coilovers.

Why KW? I've read good reviews of them. I think they're hard to beat for dual adjustables in this price range; I got the whole set for $1668.75, with free shipping. The strut housings are stainless steel; they should be reasonably light and corrosion-resistant for Michigan weather and my dirt road.

I seriously considered a Ground Control setup. The deciding factors were the stainless steel strut housings and reviews.

Note that part of the changes here include the Ireland rear subframe bushings, since the rear subframe in our cars has a lot of play with the factory bushings.

I wanted adjustable camber plates in front, and went with the TC Kline ones. The Ground Control ones looked nice too, but Pat Avakian said they were hard to keep quiet.

I installed Rogue Engineering rear shock mounts.

I also installed Racing Dynamics sway bars.

I am currently running TC Kline SmartDesign coilovers and rear springs/struts. This is because I broke a swaybar end link in the front and blew one of the KW coilovers.